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Preparing For A Road Trip

If you have seen our television ad, you will have spotted some of the beautiful scenery of Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland has loads to offer including the tourist hot spots, filming locations and hidden gems of the Emerald Isle.

It’s the perfect spot for a road trip, with so many options for you to explore. Including the Causeway Coast, Mourne Mountains, Fermanagh Lakelands, and so much more.

We have created a road trip preparation guide to help reduce your chances of trouble on the road.


Car Checks



  • To ensure the smooth running of your car check the fluid levels. This includes your engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid.



  • Before you set off, ensure all lights in your car are working. You should check your low beams, high beams, indicators, brake lights and reverse lights.



  • Ensure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure level and with adequate tread. For more information on tyre maintenance, check out our handy guide.


Clear out your car.

  • Did you know that when your car is carrying a heavier load you burn more fuel? Before you go on a long haul trip, clear your car of any unnecessary items. When loading your car, distribute the weight evenly.


What To Bring



  • In this technical age, we’ve all become extremely reliant on our smartphones and online maps. However, you may find yourself in an area you are not familiar with and no signal. Keeping a map in your glove compartment could come in handy!


Mobile phone and emergency charger.

  • Ensure you set off with a fully charged mobile phone and keep a car charger with you – you don’t want to find yourself in a situation that you are stranded and have no means of contacting someone for help because your battery is dead.



  • Prepare before you set off on the road, ensure you have plenty of snacks and drinks for your journey.


Visit our our essentials to keep in your car at all times help article to see what other items you should bring on your trip!

And finally, relax! There is only so much preparation you can do and sometimes the unexpected can happen but at Hughes, we’ve got you covered. All Hughes car insurance policies come with UK & Ireland breakdown and puncture assistance as standard.*

*Terms, limitations and exclusions apply.

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