What to do if your parked car is hit

What to do if your parked car is hit

The number of car park accidents are increasing! With tight car park spaces and growing vehicle size – it is no surprise that many car owners have come back to discover their car was damaged whilst parked.

It can be a stressful experience and a source of real frustration to discover that someone has hit your car, and many are unsure what process to follow. At Hughes we care about protecting what matters to you, and that you understand your rights, and so we have compiled a guide to follow should your parked car be involved in a collision.

1. Collect information

If you witnessed the incident occur, or the other driver involved waited for you to arrive, first approach the situation calmly. It is likely that the incident was a genuine accident and the other driver involved is as shaken as you are.

Collect the other driver’s information, including their name, address, a contact number, an explanation of the accident, and who their insurance is with.

If the other driver is not present when you return to your car, check to see if they have left a note.

2. Check for witnesses

Check the surrounding area for potential witnesses – especially in this day and age when so many people have dash cams in their cars, this is invaluable!

If you cannot locate any witnesses, check if the area you are parked in has CCTV and if they have caught anything on their footage.

3. Take photos

Take clear photographs of the damage done to your car, and the location of the car.

If the other vehicle involved is present, take photographs of any damage done to this vehicle, and make note of the make, model and the registration plate.

4. Contact the third party and your insurance company

Unfortunately, if the other driver has not left their details and there is no witnesses or CCTV footage as evidence – you will be left to claim off your own insurance or to pay the repair fees yourself. Even if you do not plan to claim off your insurance, you may be required to inform your insurer of any damage done to your vehicle.

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